Bruce Lee Season

An iconic film star, Bruce Lee died fifty years ago in July. He left a small number of films which over the years have grown in stature, making him one of the most recognisable and influential figures in the history of cinema.

In the build-up to the anniversary of his death, HOME presents four of his classic titles across June.

Newly restored, our Sunday screenings of The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon and Game of Death offer the opportunity to revisit the martial arts and performance skills of a star often copied but never surpassed.

Previously in this season

Game of Death

Billy Lo is a kung fu superstar in the Hong Kong film industry whose life with his girlfriend Ann is being threatened by American gangsters,…

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The Way of the Dragon

Tang Lung travels to Rome to help a friend whose Chinese restaurant is under threat from a local gangster. Tang Lung begins training the waiters…

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Fist of Fury

Bruce Lee’s second film for Golden Harvest, Fist of Fury, swiftly broke all the box office records set by his previous film The Big Boss,…

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The Big Boss

An instant box office sensation upon its original release in Hong Kong in 1971, The Big Boss is the film that catapulted former child actor…

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