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Let Me Hear Your Body Talk: Young People’s Workshop

For the past ten years, artist Brian Lobel has been creating work about his body – when it works, when it doesn’t work, when it’s achy, when it’s breaky, when it’s lonely and when it needs a little extra love. In this workshop, drawing on examples from his own work of live art, monologue and installation, participants explored their relationship with their body and how it’s informed by the world around them. Through creative writing, reflection and group discussion, Let Me Hear Your Body Talk aimed to remove the barriers that exist between our body and making work about it.

About Brian Lobel
Brian creates performances about bodies: politicized bodies, marginalized bodies, dancing and singing bodies, happy bodies, sick bodies and bodies that need a little extra love. After being sick as a young adult, Brian became fascinated with unique bodily experience and how it is conceived, discussed and witnessed by others, leading him directly into his current performance practice. While the work takes many different forms — installation, stage shows, cabaret, interactive performance and publications — each project is keenly interested in how the audience relates both to Brian and to others.