BFI Film Academy 7 (2018)

We recruited 18 talented young filmmakers to take part in our seventh BFI Film Academy running from Oct-Dec 2018. 62 young people applied for this unique opportunity.

The HOME BFI Film Academy covers everything from practical filmmaking to film theory, programming, distribution and certification. It involves approximately 80 hours of training over 2 months and participants are guided through each stage by a team of industry professionals.
As part of the project, the group create a short film and in 2018, HOME partnered with the Manchester Histories Festival to provide the young filmmakers with a short film brief to work towards involving the themes of protest and activism.

The short film production was sponsored by Blackmagic Design and the film, FreeStyle follows a young woman who becomes frustrated with her career and life choices and decides it’s time to make a change and pursue her passion for dance.

Film Festival Success

-Shortlisted for Best Film in the 16-19 category and for the Audience Choice Award at the Into Film Awards 2019


Freestyle: Behind the Scenes

Participants: Adam Bridge-Robinson, Angel Mariela, Ella Sommeil, Ella-May Dearden, Ellie Curran, Iqra Noman, Liam Rowan, Lily Callaghan, Martha Kershaw, Matthew Hampson, Michael Jarkowski, Mickylle Liburd, Rob Waite, Sasha Mason, Tehreem Faisal, Umara Hamid, Victor James and William Aloul.

Click on a participants name above to find out how they got on during the academy by reading their personal blog.

Actors: Yandass Ndlovu, Magdalen Bartlett, Cornelius Bartlett, Ruth McCann, Dylan Cantwell
Workshop Leaders: 
John Grey, Judith Chan, Bart Piekarski
Film Theory Course Tutor: 
Maggie Hoffgen
Project Assistant: 
Lucy Grayson
HOME Engagement Assistant: 
Ally Davies
HOME Young People’s Programme Producer: 
Rosie Stuart
HOME Head of Engagement: 
Marisa Draper