Author Talk / Jeff Noon

Native Mancunian Jeff Noon celebrates 25 years since the publication of his Arthur C. Clarke Award winning debut novel Vurt, with a long-awaited return to the city. Known for his avant-pulp novels and stories, Jeff will talk about the origins of Vurt, experimental fiction techniques, surviving the publishing industry, and the (up till now) secret laws he uses to create fiction. He will introduce his two latest novels from Angry Robot: A Man of Shadows, and The Body Library, both of which feature John Nyquist, a private eye uncovering the mysteries of weird and wonderful cities. Jeff will be interviewed by Sarah Perks, Director, Visual Art at HOME and Professor of Visual Art at MMU School of Art. Jeff will perform short readings of his work and participate in an open Q&A. 


Jeff Noon was born in Manchester in 1957. He trained in the visual arts and drama and was active on the post-punk music scene before becoming a playwright, and then a novelist. His novels include Vurt (Arthur C. Clarke Award winner), Pollen, Automated Alice, Nymphomation, Needle in the Groove, Cobralingus, Falling Out Of Cars, Channel SK1N, Mappalujo (with Steve Beard), A Man of Shadows and a collection of stories called Pixel Juice. He has also won the John W. Campbell Award. He posts fictional “spores” on Twitter at @jeffnoon. His latest novel is The Body Library, published by Angry Robot Press in 2018.

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