Apología /Antología: Video Itineraries through the Spanish Context (18)

The result of two years of research,  Apología/Antología (A/A) is an online platform containing 250 freely accessible works of experimental moving image by Spanish artists and filmmakers. The result is a diverse overview of audiovisual artistic production across Spain from the last fifty years, intended to promote knowledge, research, teaching and distribution. A/A online was conceived by Eli Lloveras (director of Hamaca) and Anna Manubens (independent curator), with an interface designed by Nicolas Malevé, artist, free software programmer and ‘data activist’.

This screening will include a subtitled presentation of a 30-minute documentary upon A/A, followed by a programme of short films selected from the archive by its curatorial team Aimar Arriola, Eugeni Bonet, Gonzalo de Pedro, Neus Miró and Fito Rodríguez, with an anticipated running time of 60 minutes.

A/A is the result of a collaboration between Hamaca, Tabakalera Centro Internacional de Cultura contemporánea and EHU – UPV with the support of AC/E, Generalitat de Catalunya and Ministerio de Cultura.

Running order:

Apología /Antología (Apology / Anthology)
RTVE, 2015. 28’55”
Short documentary on this expansive online platform of Spanish video art.

Besenrein (Immaculate Clean)
Tere Recarens, 2003. 01’35”
Video taken from the sky, as the artist uses a broom to sweep the clouds.

Instrucciones de uso (Instructions for Use)
Cabello/Carceller, 2004. 06’30”
An ironic visual guide in which a variety of gestures, traditionally male attitudes and poses are represented by a woman.

Mi hermana y yo (Me and my sister)
Virginia García del Pino, 2009. 9’37”
A short documentary on family histories, childhood, love and rejection, triggered by the image of two teenage siblings who travel inwards to the director’s childhood.

Wonder Mirage Global (Paralax Paradox series)
Joan Leandre, 2013. 10’32”
Eyes wide open searching for the last image to obscure the world.

Minesota 1943
Toni Serra, 1995. 07’00”
In 1943 the University of Minnesota performed, commissioned by the US Army, a psychological test with intent to select a new template officers.This response is an exercise of collage and disassembly, where images from television commercials, films and fragments of known soundtracks converge.

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