Amani Creatives Workshops

The Amani Collective is an ensemble of professional musicians who gather together to perform and celebrate a wide variety of traditional and contemporary African genres, including Soukous, Intore. Bikusi, Afro-Jazz, Gospel and New Afrobeat.

Jamtan Drummers

Jamtan is an African drumming group based in Manchester, whose music originates from Guinea Conakry in West Africa, although the same beats are also played in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Mali. The group plays a Fula/Malinka interpretation of the music which is traditionally played at coming of age ceremonies, weddings and general celebratory events. Jamtan’s Adama Kante will announce the opening of the workshop with a special drum call on the djembe.

Sens Sagna

Sens is an experienced and inspirational dancer, singer, musician and teacher from the Cassamance region of Senegal in West Africa. Cassamance has a strong history in maintaining culture through rhythm, song and dance. Sens comes from the Jolla tribe and performs and teaches both choreographed and freestyle dance, to rhythms from Jolla, Mandinka and Olof cultures.

Free, drop in