A Fine Toothed Comb Panel Discussion with Lubaina Himid

Join the artists exhibiting in HOME’s major exhibition, A Fine Toothed Comb. For this event Lubaina Himid, Magda Stawarska, Rebecca Chesney and Tracy Hill will talk on their works in the exhibition and their wider practices.

A Fine Toothed Comb is curated by Lubaina Himid. Through four unique installations spanning painting on found objects, multi-screen moving image, site-specific drawing and sound compositions, the artists will each uncover invisible geological, historical, environmental and political layers of the city. From hidden waterways and disappearing wildlife, to lost music and communities hidden in plain sight, A Fine Toothed Comb invites us to look closer at what surrounds us. This is the first time all four artists’ work has been presented together, following many years of discussion and collaboration.

Event Space

3 hours

Tickets: £5

Concessions available.