42 UP! with director Michael Apted

Following the screening of 42 UP!, director Michael Apted will discuss the series and the impact it has had, also touching on the important role of documentary in ITV’s 50-year history. Apted is also known for his fiction feature films and is currently President of the Directors Guild of America. Normal ticket prices apply42 Up!
Originally commissioned as part of Granada’s World In Action documentary series in 1963, Seven Up! grew from the quote: “Give me the child at the age of seven and I will give you the man.” Following 14 children from different locations and backgrounds every seven years, the series set out to chart the effect that the British class system would have on their lives. Michael Apted has been with the series and its participants from the beginning, initially as researcher then as director since 14 Up! With 49 Up! due on screens this month, we take another look at chapters from the last entry in the series, 1998’s 42 Up!