HOME Young Writers 2022

Four Young Writers from across Greater Manchester worked together to create a new play, which our Youth Theatre premiered in HOME’s studio theatre.

In May 2022, we recruited four young writers from Greater Manchester to create a new 40-minute play responding to themes of climate change. The writers worked closely with a Producer and Creative Writing Practitioner to shape and expand their ideas, whilst learning valuable skills such as receiving/sharing feedback and responding to a creative brief. They also teamed up with a Puppetry expert to find creative ways to embed movement and puppetry into their play. The writers were encouraged to be involved in all stages of the production process, coming along to auditions and inputting into conversations around staging to ensure the show was sustainable. As a result, they produced a new play called The Lost World

Let us introduce you to Jessica, your typical run of the mill “rich kid” who doesn’t realise the world outside her window is dying. But what happens when she’s transported thirty years into the future, where she sees the consequences of climate crisis for herself? Join Jessica as she embarks upon a journey to discover what has happened to our Lost World. Will she try to help, or will she fail her world a second time….?

The Lost World Promo Banner

This project has allowed me to collaborate with likeminded individuals who all strive for an amazing end product. I’ve learnt so much about myself and my writing style alongside the other types of styles within others. I’ve met amazing friends, and also made a product I am proud of. The overall course was perfect and I’m so glad I signed up.

Elle Percival, Participant

I have boosted not only my confidence but I feel as though I have taken my first step to feeling like a proper writer and knocking out that Imposter syndrome

Joy Rogers, Participant

I’m so proud of what our young writers have achieved. From day one, they came together as a group to share ideas and support one another. They have created a new, exciting play, and it’s been lovely to see them grow in confidence as playwrights

Tiffany Bowman, Creative Writing Practitioner