Young Liverpool Film Night Review

The Young Liverpool Film Night 2006 was an opportunity to see a selection of films and animations created by young people living in and around Liverpool. The 14 shorts chosen covered most aspects of style and genre, giving a comprehensive view of the culture and creative madness devised by young people. Amongst these was the particularly chilling Z.T.N, the happy-go-lucky comedy value of Scouse News, and the frankly strange and yet dynamic genius of Mr Stick, whose razor-sharp animation and manic storyline won its creator the evening’s award.

The films ranged from intricate plots and special effects (for example in The Construct) to more documentary-style filming such as Yaa Maa, a series of meticulously planned shots depicting skate culture and nifty boarding tricks, which, when put together with music, presented 4 minutes and 48 seconds of curiously absorbing grace and movement.

Acting skills were also put in the spotlight, and one actor most deserving of a mention was the one playing the part of the small boy in Lost in the Supermarket, a film telling the story of a toddler who gets, effectively, lost in a supermarket, with endless aisles, sky-high shelves, and garden gnomes to contend with.

The evening was enjoyable and provided me with an insight into the workings of creatively-minded individuals, as well as giving them the chance to show their finished projects to a wider audience.

Review by LiveWire Critic, Colette Talbot (Oct 06)