World Theatre Day Live Q&A – Enjoy it again

On March 27, World Theatre Day, we joined our Director & CEO Dave Moutrey and our Associate Director Jude Christian to answer your questions live from their homes via Zoom.

We’ve made this available to you in three different ways – you can watch the whole Q&A back on YouTube here or at the top of this page, download the audio and listen here, or read the transcript here.

They talked about everything from the wildest places they’ve ever watched theatre to how the cultural landscape in Manchester might change, the turning point in their careers to the advice they would give to young theatremakers.

Do you want to skip to a particular question? Here’s the timings you need:

2:06 – Dave’s introduction

4:43 – Jude’s introduction

8:14 – “Do you think that virtual theatre will bring live theatre to the masses during the corona virus outbreak but also in the future to anyone unable to attend a live performance for whatever reason?”

12:00 – “Will work in the future commissioned by HOME be centred around video and immersive experiences, what are your thoughts about artists not making work in this way, should they adapt?”

14:14 – “Do we envisage the programme at HOME changing post Covid-19?”

17:44 – “Will there be any other open call outs for artistic responses to the current climate in addition to the selected commissioned artists that we’ve mentioned?”

19:05 – “Where is the wildest most far flung, unexpected or unusual place that you’ve ever watched theatre?”

21:45 – “How can theatres, producers and artists collaborate to embed environmental sustainability and carbon emission reductions into their work?”

25:52 – “Do either of you have a dream project that you’ve been dying to get on the stages at HOME but haven’t quite managed it yet?”

28:07 – “Do you think that we should be investing in developing artists in localities rather than relying on artists from the large metropolitan centres?”

31:00 – “What is the value of independent theatre companies and smaller theatre companies?”

33:49 – “What advice would you give to a young theatremaker or actor just starting out in their career?”

36:45 – “Do we feel that it’s maybe important for theatre technicians to learn more non-traditional theatre technologies such as platforms like Zoom, to allow for creative work to be supported from here on in?”

39:07 – “What was the turning point in both your careers?”

42:28 – “How do you see the cultural landscape in Manchester evolving over the next 5 years?”

45:40 – “Do you think that a premise like the Manchester Open for visual arts could work for theatre and film at HOME?”

50:44 – “How else do you think that self-employed artists should be celebrated on a day like World Theatre Day?”

53:23 – “How are we supporting artists with disabilities?”