Want to act in our David Shrigley exhibition?

We meant it when we said that David Shrigley’s forthcoming exhibition at Cornerhouse, HOW ARE YOU FEELING?, was especially interactive. Because he’s asking YOU to become the artwork. Aside from napping stations (where you can lay down your weary head, but watch out for the giant gong), David has written a never-ending play entitled ‘Self-Portrait’, approximately six minutes in duration (before re-looping), for three actors of any age, gender, shape or size.

The actors are encouraged to switch roles until each has played all three parts, before handing over to the next group. You can do this at any time during the exhibition run. Costumes are provided, as is a two-level stage, backdrop, set dressing and basic props, plus a ramp will also be provided to enable disabled access. You don’t even have to be an actual actor. Maybe you make plimsolls for a living, or sell dried pasta portraits of Lorraine Kelly over the internet.

For those too shy to participate, a video sequence of the play can be viewed instead. But for everyone else, come as often as you like, bring friends, your own trio, or recruit fellow visitors with promises you have no intention of keeping. Filming and photography is encouraged. Although the play script will be available on site, you can also DOWNLOAD IT HERE in advance if you wish to learn your lines. It’s very short. Don’t be frightened. You have nothing to lose but your relationship, career and self-worth.

A few things to bear in mind…

  • Groups of 3 persons of any age, gender or ability are required.
  • No costumes are required.
  • A ramp will enable wheelchair access to the stage.
  • Familiarise yourself with all 3 roles.
  • Participants are asked to switch roles during the course of their performance as outlined in the script.
  • Scripts are available printed on-site for those who have not learnt all the lines.
  • Each run-through takes approximately 6 minutes. This will mean you can perform the play approximately 5x in any 30 minute slot.

David Shrigley: HOW ARE YOU FEELING? runs until Sun 6 Jan 2013

Play text copyright David Shrigley