THE WAVE review

Based on real events, THE WAVE is about a teacher who has to create an interesting set of lessons on autocracy to students during project week. The students are then taught about what ground rules and disciplines should be instilled to followers of a fascist group.

THE WAVE is a visually interesting with a strong storyline outlining the pros and cons of a fascist group. The film deals with relationships from both sides of society, those who chose to follow this group and those who resisted against. This film represents a strong community forming and building up and eventually escalating out of control.

The sound and camera shots relate to what’s going on in the scene. Each character has a defined purpose in the film each demonstrating accurately what a fascist person would be like in real life.

Throughout the duration of the film the screenplay asks you constantly to think about what possible outcomes could result because of people’s actions, people’s trust and how people reject those against an idea. However all the followers of this group become under the illusion that ‘The Wave’ is for the greater good of Germany.

THE WAVE is perfectly based on real events from a similar situation in California. Also the film shows how this group developed much like the Nazi’s and other groups like the Neo-Nazis and refers to other gangs much like the one shown in this film.

A visually capturing film with superb action and meaning and will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

Review by LiveWire Critic, Josh Rayworth (Oct ’08)