THE MAN WITHOUT A HEAD is the debut film from director Juan Solanas who used digital special effects and unique graphics in this film, gaining him an award at Cannes Film Festival in 2003.

Similarly to Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s AMELIE, sepia tones conjure up an ingenious atmosphere. The opening shot, which cuts through several layers of graphics, helps to draw the viewer’s attention immediately and successfully to the film.

Although throughout, no dialogue is used, the film is slow and simple but engaging. Some might say this results in a more skilful effect. The music and atmosphere contrast, but surprisingly still go together well.

Throughout the film there are many symbolic and philosophical events, such as the conflict between ages and appearances, giving out messages such as grow old gracefully and be grateful for what you have. Giving an idea to how the main character is feeling, the body language and sounds are successful in several aspects. Overall the film is poignant, meticulous and unbeaten. A must see.

Review by LiveWire Critic, Georgina Brown (Nov ’05)