Tech tools worth exploring

Were you unable to make it to our Tools and Trends workshop last week? Cornerhouse Digital Reporter Mark Slattery shares his experience…

The session was presented by Martyn Bryant of The Next Web. His easy style and friendly manner removed any fears of a complicated and formal lecture type event. His recommendations, a mix of websites and apps, were influenced by his own method of remote working and covered the general goal of using web technology as an aid to working and creating in the 21st Century. The ‘free upgrade’ bonus to the session was his industry insights into things like Pinterest skimming sales from links to using Convo to arrange article and news updates with reporters around the world.

You can view Martin’s complete presentation slideshow here. In the meantime here are a couple of his recommendations that I am going to use for my creative projects:

Wunderkit: a web-based workspace for organising and collaborating on projects. I’m going to use this mix of communicator and task manager to fill that grey hole between idea and progress on half-a-dozen project ideas that never get started because of poor organisation.

OmmWriter: a minimalist writing tool for PC, Mac and iPad. There’s a reason I didn’t write this article the day after the talk; the internet is distracting. The idea of this stripped down word processor with a Karmic background environment might be just the thing to keep me focused on my word count rather than my Twitter feed.

Overall the session was interesting and provided plenty to think about for all the attendees. One PHD student was hoping to use Wunderkit and Convo in her HE research, where as another creative looking to enter the marketing sector took the opportunity to make some useful contacts with fellow attendees afterwards.

So next time you see a similar digital event here at Cornerhouse I recommend you check it out. You never know what you’ll discover or who you might meet.

Digital Skills Workshops continues to run at Cornerhouse. Further details can be found here.