Sonic Arts review

Bob Levene — The Space Between: Experiments for Speakers

This Exhibition took place in Gallery 1. The work was by the artist Bob Levene and her art work showed the relationship between sound and technology: where it starts and how it is represented. Her work in this gallery included a video clip where the artist explores the relationship between the creation and the recording of noise and how long it takes for sound to travel from your mouth to a microphone. Extremely strange in my opinion. Others may say unique but it’s definitely worth going to see as there’s nothing quite like it. It can be difficult to interpret but it’s really humorous too!

Experiments with Microphones

This was also in Gallery 1 and was a collection of short videos, some of which were humorous. Bob Levene again experiments with sound by using voices, body movement and everyday objects. The artist uses microphones to show and project sound in her videos.

Staalplaat Soundsystem — The Ultrasound of Therapy

This gallery was fun, exciting and yet again extremely unique and weird. The gallery was set out as a hospital ward and was filled with hospital beds and other apparatuses. I enjoyed the visit and was treated like a patient by the Cornerhouse staff (LOL). I enjoyed the relaxing sound therapy where I lay on a hospital bed listening to the sound of dripping water and a slow sweet nursery rhyme like song. I had another unusual therapy where I had to lay in a hammock with pads strapped to different parts of my body. I felt strange thumping sensations in my arms and legs and near the beginning of the therapy it felt as if hailstone was hitting me. Another experience you must try!

Helmut Lemke — KLANGELN VIII

This exhibition took place in Gallery 3. The Gallery was made up of self-made instruments which included fishing rods. The artist Helmut Lemke shows how sound creates movement and tone.

This was a very individual piece of art which consisted of a number of books filled with blank pages and several fishing rods about 10 ft high. Every time you opened a book it would move one of two of the many rods and every time you opened a book it made a different sound. It was really fun to do, and was again unusual but entertaining. Get down to see all the artworks hurry though it ends on the 30th July.

Review by LiveWire Critic, Chloe Daniels

July ’06

The above three exhibitions are showing at Cornerhouse until July 30 2006