Reviews: All The Way Home

The reviews for All The Way Home are looking great so far. Here are just a selection of them.

rv. Truthful, riotously funny and intensely moving, this is the ordinary made luminously lovely; a warts-and-all family portrait that glows with compassion.
rn. The Times

rv. The cast – ably directed by Mark Babych – gives the writing full value, though, teasing out the family’s funnier foibles and digging deep into its aching resentments.
rn. The Telegraph

rv. All The Way Home is a poignant tale delivered by hardworking actors and an intelligent script. There really is no excuse not to catch this subtle yet hard-to-forget play.

rv. The acting is strong and the interaction between the family members is both very real and very affecting. All The Way Home is braver than East Is East in that it doesn’t leave you with the sense that everything will be all right in this complicated family but both are very funny and equally as engaging.
rn. City Life

rv. …the cast is uniformly excellent, especially Julie Riley as the unfettered and light-fingered ex-junkie Sonia and Susan Cookson as the nice, sensible, unfulfilled Janet, the dependable ying to Sonia’s feckless firecracker of a yang.
rn. The Stage

rv. This is a major new play from a well-known playwright premièring in Salford, which in itself makes it worth a look, but it also happens to be well-written, very entertaining and leave the audience with plenty to think about in this excellent production from the Library Theatre.
rn. British Theatre Guide

rv. Go along and see it, it’s a great piece of drama, full of wit and wisdom. Perhaps you will recognise someone, somewhere or something of your own family!
rn. Manchester Salon

rv. There are many layers to this play which switches seamlessly from the painfully sad to the outrageously vulgar and highly comic.
rn. Morning Star

rv. What’s most impressive about the play is how the dynamic of the family slowly emerges, revealing fault lines, unexpected sympathies, long held but still raw resentments. There are morsels of love and lucky dips of anger hidden behind the skirting boards.
rn. Jildy Sauce blog

rv. The comedy and warmth (even in the insults, even in mourning) draws you in, a combination of script, excellent delivery and a strong director, Mark Babych, who allows the pace to gather and slow when needed (the Sunday lunch scene is fantastic, among others).
rn. Cultural Shenanigans

rv. There’s much emotion, light and dark, shown in this production, and as an evening’s satisfying entertainment, it cannot be bettered.

rv. All The Way Home touches home in its honest and humorous portrayal of family heartache and reunion.

rv. …all the characters are fully rounded and a joy to watch. The play, directed by Mark Babych, is brilliantly written and brilliantly acted and, while focusing on one family’s struggle, brings our own families into sharp focus.
rn. Oldham Evening Chronicle