Relaxed events at HOME

We’re excited to let you know about a new series of relaxed events here at HOME, for anyone who would enjoy watching a film or seeing a theatre performance in a more relaxed environment…

The events have been designed to be friendlier to people who experience autism, however they may also be suitable for people with sensory disorders or learning difficulties. We aim to make the events as inclusive as possible and they are open to all – even if you don’t need the adjustments we make for relaxed performances and screenings.

Relaxed Performances (Theatre)

In the theatre, we’ll make some subtle changes to the performance, toning down any loud noises and lighting effects and leaving the house lights on low. The doors to the theatre will remain open throughout the performance and we’ll be providing a chill out space in a separate area of the building. There will be a relaxed attitude to noise and movement within the theatre.

Next Event: Inkheart, Thurs 7 Jan, 14:15

This Christmas, we present Inkheart, adapted from Cornelia Funke’s brilliant, worldwide best-selling fantasy adventure novel for children.

Books can take us to a different world – but what happens if that world is full of dark magic and ferocious and forbidding villains, where secrets are revealed and stories come alive? Join our hero Meggie as she finds herself bang in the middle of the kind of adventure she’s only ever read about in books. Thrust into an epic battle with the baddest of bad guys, will Meggie and her team of unconventional allies be able to stay one step ahead and keep those they love safe from danger? Inkheart leaps from page to stage in this funny, thrilling and action-packed UK premiere for families.

Relaxed Screenings (Cinema)

We’ll be holding relaxed screenings of family friendly films every month. For these we’ll keep the cinema lights on low and turn the volume down a little. There will be no trailers or advertisements before the film starts and you’ll be able to move around the cinema if you want to. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the cinema.

Next Event: The Big Knights, Sat 28 Nov, 11:30

In the far off land of Borovia, where dragons are fierce, witches are wicked, scientists are insane, the economy is bad and television is in black & white, stands Castle Big: home of the Big Knights. From the award-winning animators behind Peppa Pig, The Big Knights revolves around the exploits of brothers Sir Boris (the finest swordsman in the world), Sir Morris (the most enthusiastic) and their noble pets, Sir Horace the Dog and Sir Doris the Hamster. Narrated by Alexander Armstrong and voiced with bellicose charm by Brian Blessed (Sir Morris) and David Rintoul (Sir Boris), the brothers are the height of two men, the weight of four and the strength of sixteen. They right wrongs, rescue princesses and woe betide anything that gets in their way!

Booking is now open for our first relaxed events. If you have any questions about relaxed performances and screenings please contact our Box Office team.