Our short film is now online here

Following a VIP launch of our short film The Importance Of Moving Earnestly at the Anthony Burgess Foundation, we’re pleased to announce that the documentary piece has now been released in full online.

It can be viewed using the link at the side of this screen or direct from our Vimeo channel.

The 30 minute film followed the Library Theatre team and actors between May and July 2010 as they rehearsed and staged The Importance Of Being Earnest, the first and now last play to be performed on the Central Library stage before we moved onto an exciting new phase in our journey. It is an exciting and very poignant piece of work that celebrates the companies’ heritage at a time where we are now focused on the future.

Film maker Greg Bevan donated 6 months of his spare time to us to film, direct and edit the piece, for which we are extremely grateful. We’d also like ot thank the entire Library Theatre Company for making this possible. Greg and the team behind the piece would love to know what you thought of it and you can do this by placing a comment below or on the Vimeo site.

This is a 27 minute film in high resolution, and may require a decent internet connection for uninterrupted viewing. Clicking on the arrows in the films tool bar enables full screen viewing.