Open the Story Box Once More

We’re really excited as this week marks the beginning of our new series of Storybox workshops.

Storybox is an interactive stroytelling and drama project working with groups of older people in our local communities. Participating groups take part in weekly workshops run by Nikky Norton and Sara Cocker who use props, costumes, improvisation and storytelling to bring the stories that participating groups want to tell to life. Last time we ran the project we ended up taking imaginative journeys to the seaside, attending our own oscars ceremony and getting to the bottom of an unsolved murder mystery. We can’t even imagine where we’re going to end up this time as a result of our creative journeys…

Our partners on this project are Shore Green, Hall Lane and Miles Platting Day Centre and we’re happy to be able to welcome them all on board.

Photograph by Roshana : Off The Grid