No turning back now!

The programmes for The Magnificent Tale of Emily Law and Arturo the Waterboy have arrived so there’s really no turning back now! However, despite the fact the show’s just around the corner, we’ve still got a lot to get done this week.

Today we go into our technical rehearsal that means we will be going through the show scene by scene to work out where the the lighting and sound cues fit in. This will also be the first time that the cast are in costume so I’m really excited to see all the characters suited and booted for the first time. I also think it will be a great help to the actors to finally work in costume as wearing the right clothing is the perfect way to push what they are doing that little bit further and to add the final details to the different characters that they are playing.

As well as this we’ve still got to add the finishing touches to the wonderful fish tank that Colin Piggott has made for us, add an extra tail to our fox (don’t ask!) and do a little more movement work with Tolu who is playing Arturo to get this aspect of his characterisation spot on. It’s going to be a busy week but we’re all up for the challenge because the show is really starting to take shape now and, with such a wonderful cast and crew involved, it looks like it’s going to be something quite special I hope to see you at Capitol Theatre on Friday or Saturday so you can see for yourself.