New Cartographies QR code content

Because our latest exhibition covers so many complex issues and themes we felt it would be appropriate for you, our audience to access additional material within the galleries by introducing QR codes.

QR codes or Quick Response Codes, are becoming increasingly popular these days. You might have seen them on billboards, in magazines, or on product packaging. Similar to bar code technology, QR Codes can be scanned with your smartphone using a QR reader app. Many organisations, as well as individuals, are using QR Codes to advertise products, offer discounts, or to provide additional information and more. So we thought we would have a go too.

Each artist in the exhibition has a QR code next to their work. If you scan these with your smartphone you’ll be able to access audio interviews, additional videos and further photographs/documentation from that artist. But don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone. All the additional material can be found here –

Zineb Sedira

Co-curator Dr Edward Welch speaks to artist Zineb Sedira about her video installation Gardiennes d’images (2010):

Dr Edward Welch in conversation with Zineb Sedira (mp3)

Sophie Elbaz

Listen as artist Sophie Elbaz explains the context behind the creation of her work shown in Gallery 3:

Sophie Elbaz explains the context behind her work in Gallery 3 (mp3)

Omar D

Co-curator Dr Edward Welch talks to the co-director of Autograph ABP, Tom O’Mara, about his involvement in Omar Daod’s work in Gallery 2:

Dr Edward Welch in conversation with Tom O”Mara on working with Omar D (mp3)

Bruno Boudjelal

Listen as artist Bruno Boudjelal explains the context behind his work in Gallery 1:

Bruno Boudjelal explains the context behind his work in Gallery 1 (mp3)

Zinneddine Bessaï

In the months before the exhibition, Zineddine Bessai set about applying for a UK immigration visa to attend the opening events. Despite appropriate credentials and the support of Cornerhouse, his request was declined. View his visa rejection letter here.

Amina Menia

To complement her site-specific installation created especially for Cornerhouse, here you can view Amina Menia’s other images taken from her continuing series that document the symbolic importance of such monuments to the dead and asks viewers to ponder the relationship between mourning, commemoration and their political use.

Kader Attia

Discover here examples of other recent work by Attia: ranging from a site-specific installation in central Paris to a shantytown Casbah and work made from couscous.

Yves Jeanmougin

Here you can access six other evocative photographs selected from Jeanmougin’s compelling portraits of life in contemporary Algeria.

John Perivolaris

Another theme that links the three countries through which John Perivolaris travelled is a passion for football: witness the celebrations Perivolaris captured in the centre of Marseille after Algeria secured a surprising draw against England in the 2010 World Cup:

Katia Kameli

This earlier video by Kameli is similarly set in present-day Algeria but focuses on an urban landscape to explore questions of time and space: