Music from the Movies – chosen by HOME’s Jason Wood

Jason Wood isn’t just the Artistic Director of Film at HOME, Professor at MMU, Visiting Professor University of Salford, Author and Executive Producer, he also puts together a mean playlist!

During his time is lockdown he’s been sharing some of his playlists with the rest of the HOME team and we wanted to share this one with you too – over six hours of songs from film soundtracks.

Here’s Jason’s introduction:

My two obsessions have always been film and music. And not necessarily in that order. An avid vinyl collector, digital music has largely passed me by. But during the lockdown I have discovered that it is an interesting way to share some of the music that has been a constant companion in my life. Here’s one that may appeal as it combines my two obsessions. I have called it soundtrack and it features music composed for and commonly associated with film soundtracks and scores. It contains the good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t necessarily mean Morricone…

Have a listen below on Spotify