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Manchester Open 2020 Meet the Artist: Mateusz Beznitz

This week’s featured Manchester Open artist is Mateusz Beznitz, a Polish-born visual artist, painter, publisher, art curator, sculptor, performer and (still learning) bass guitarist – based in Manchester.

When did you first take up art? What’s your artistic background?

I think that was when I was 15. There was my first expression painting when I thought about my girlfriend. I then studied fine art at University in Poland.

How did you feel when you found out you had been chosen for the Manchester Open?

I was really excited, I thought “They know what is good art” :)

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration is everywhere,  in a love, in a dance, in a spirit, in a friendships, in a family, in a clouds, in relation between people. I love music, I love performances, I love other kind of art. I have created my art word as a visual poem.

What do you think art brings to your life?

I am sure art brings me a sense of life, sense of why I am a human and why I am here on the Earth.

Which artist(s) do you admire?

I admire and envy musicians, composers and theatre actors. My favourite painter is Gerhard Richter and many my friends who are an artists.


Although the Manchester Open Exhibition had to close a few weeks early due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can still enjoy lots of the artworks and find out more about the artists online by clicking here for our specially curated look at the exhibition’s highlights. 

This is the first region-wide exhibition of its type to welcome entries from people of any background and level of experience, including established professionals, new and emerging talent, enthusiastic amateurs and first-time artists.

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