Manchester Hackathon here we come

This Saturday the city of Manchester invites experts and innovators to dig underneath its digital skin coding, programming and experimenting with the city’s sets of open data. The aim is to build new applications and develop future services all in a one day intense hackathon.

Open data might sound like a really techie concept but it’s just about letting others have access to your data so they can produce new and exciting things with it.

We’re very happy to add our grain to the hackathon mill by providing some of our data for the participants to experiment with, remix and feed into new things.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on the Open Data movement and its cultural offshots such as Culture Hack , a programme that generates digital prototypes for the arts, encourages cross-sector collaboration and advocates use of open data across the cultural sector. Last year we organised an introduction to Open Data for Manchester cultural organisation and played around with our own data, producing things like our very own Cornerhouse interactive film map.

So we’re really looking forward to seeing what the Manchester community produces and what we can learn from the event.

What would you do with our data?

Cornerhouse Data Sets for MANCHESTER HACKATHON  – updated at 15 /11/2012

A list of all the films we have screened since Nov 1999.
Fields include: Film ID number, Title, Alternative Title, Year, Certificate, Director, Language, Duration, Country of Origin, Actors.

A list of film screening dates and times since Nov 1999.
Fields include: Film ID number, Cinema Screen, Date & Time of Screening, Accessibility Info
Accessibility key: C = Captioned Subtitled Screening, A = Audio Described, B = BSL Interpreted, S = English Subtitled Screening, D = Dubbed English Language

All books distributed by Cornerhouse Publication. Please note the one field that is not indicated in this file is whether or not a book is still in stock.
Fields include: ISBN, Publisher,  Title, Subtitle, Price, Binding, Release Date, Height (mm), Width (mm), Pages, Weight (g), Illustrations, Short Book Description, Long Book Description, Artists, Authors, Editors.

Prefer pictures to numbers?

We also have loads of photos on Flickr. There’s lots of useful metadata attached to the photos, like titles, dates, descriptions and tags. You can use the Flickr API to access data about our photos, so for all you developers out there why not have a look and building something interesting out of them.