Launch event at The Lowry

Today we launched our Moving Experience Campaign, our partnership with The Lowry and our latest production of Arcadia.

The official press release can be found in the download box.

Attended by the media, the morning started with a photo call outside a very rainy Lowry with one of our Moving Experience taxis. This was followed by speeches from the Artistic Directors of The Library Theatre and The Lowry and then performed extracts from Arcadia, our first show to be stage at The Lowry, which is our regular temporary home for main stage performances . Find out more about our plans for a new permanent home here.

Chris Honer, Artistic Director for LTC: This is the start of a whole new chapter in the story of The Library Theatre Company and a big adventure for us. We’re absolutely delighted by the partnership that has emerged between ourselves and The Lowry. We think it has great potential. It will enable us to play here three times a year and is think it’s a real opportunity for us.

Robert Robson, Artistic Director for The Lowry: I think this is a unique relationship we are entering into. I’d like to echo Chris’s delight at this partnership that we’re about to enter into and we look forward to exploring even more interesting ways of developing this partnership and we welcome The library Theatre and it’s work into residency at the Quays Theatre here at The Lowry.