Last Place On Earth is nearly here…

There are just 4 to go days until you can visit Last Place On Earth, a new collaborative virtual reality artwork by HOME’s Future 20 Collective and Studio Morison. The work speculates on a possible future for HOME, for Manchester, and for each of us.

Future 20 is HOME’s year-long artist residency and training programme for emerging artists aged 18-25, that launched in Summer 2019. The work and programme created by the collective was scheduled to culminate in a large-scale public event and takeover of the main gallery space at HOME in August 2020. However due to the ongoing pandemic, the event space moved online to become Last Place On Earth.

The artists have transformed their creative processes, working from their homes and in new mediums to produce landscapes, architecture and elemental experiences.  These have then been painstakingly translated into digital forms and woven into a seamless experience.

You’ll be able to visit this amazing virtual landscape from Monday 17 August.  In the meantime we’ll be sharing exclusive content, sneak peeks and background information via instagram (@HYCManchester / @future20collective) and twitter (@HYCmanchester@HOME_Mcr)

Our sustainability programme is supported by Shire Leasing.