House Party in Lockdown

House Party is our inclusive club night brought to you by the team behind Accessible Music Productions (AMP). Since lockdown, House Party has moved online and we asked Amber Okpa-Stother, one of our members, what it was like to go to one of the online events.

House Party is a very special part of the AMP project. Every three months we have a live music night. We get to hear from lots of different acts and sometimes our AMP group performs as well! I really enjoy House Party because I get to see everyone I know and catch up with them. The DJs play a variety of music which is fun to listen to and I get to dance with my friends!

“Making new friends has been the highlight of AMP and meeting new people who have never met before.”  – AMP Participant

We had four House Parties during lockdown which we did on Zoom. We still got to see all of the different acts performing, like DJs, music videos from bands like The Spotlighters and some new singers like Miss Jackie. It was really nice to hear all the different music and see what they had been doing over lockdown. I could still see everyone on the Zoom screen. Lots of people were dancing as well!

What I am most looking forward to about House party being at back at HOME is catching up with everyone in real life! We’re all also looking forward to performing again – it’s great when we are all performing and playing together as a group. We might be a bit nervous when we first get onto the stage, but it will be really nice to be back together again.