From a scandalous classic to an edgy British drama

It’s fair to say that our eclectic world cinema series of screenings, from late 20th Century classics to the latest releases fresh from Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Toronto, contain more than the average amount of flesh. Such is the way of independent cinema. But be honest, isn’t that what brought you slinking through our doors in the first place? From femme-fatales undressing in motel windows without closing the curtains (the nerve!), to bearded indie hipsters in drag. Monsieur, with your furry legs in heels you are really spoiling us! Our LGBT titles are never shy to shed a few layers, but all was nearly lost when the hugely popular London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on Tour, an annual pick ‘n mix of the best of the fest, had to cancel their national outreach due to well-publicised budget cuts. Fortunately for audiences, Peccadillo Pictures (specialists in LGBT movies from all over the globe), have stepped in to provide a strong alternative selection with our POUT on Tour season. We’ve a choice of four titles including one scandalous classic, encompassing historical bodice rippers (well, slowly unpicking, those laces can be devilish to undo once knotted) to edgy British drama. It goes without saying that the French have upped the sauce quotient with my personal favourite, Man At Bath: stylised, cinema verite starring gay male porn star Francois Sagat (star of Bruce La Bruce’s LA Zombie).

The season starts tomorrow Tue 9 August, so what are you waiting for? We also sell volcanic cupcakes rolled in glitter. I ask you, what more do you want?

Bren O’Callaghan
Visual Arts Programme Manager