Five Great Reasons to See Wanted! Robin Hood

Have you seen Wanted! Robin Hood yet? Actor Dan Parr plays merry man Much in the show and gives you five great reasons to snap up a ticket…

1) The Cast and Team – We have a wicked cast who will blow your socks off! Even though we only met through doing this show, we gelled very quickly as a group and are working really well together. We give our all in every performance and provide you with an exciting, energetic and thrilling show. Our director Amy Leach is amazing and worked tirelessly with us to make sure the play is the best it can be.

2) The Story – With such a famous, fun and feel-good story, this is the show to come and see this Christmas! The arc of the story is put together so cleverly, you’ll be brought on an emotional rollercoaster but leave with a smile on your face. I know you’ll laugh, cry, and enjoy the beautiful journey as you follow the story of two lovers fighting for their right to be free.

3) The Writing – The fantastic adaptation Charles Way has created has been a dream to work from. He has put his own stamp on this classic tale, taking inspirations from the ballads, books and films. You’ll see all your favourite bits, but with the addition of some very unexpected twists and turns which I guarantee you won’t see coming.

4) The Fights – Everyone loves a good fight in a show, and this show has sword fights, stick fights, bow and arrow fights, unarmed fights, ninja fights… OK, maybe not ninja fights – but come on, we have lots of fights! They’re fast-paced, exciting and thrilling. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout.

5) The Laughs – You can’t have a Christmas production without some jokes and gags, and this play has plenty. There are some funny, light-hearted and sweet moments so if you need cheering up, like a good laugh, or simply want to join in with the Christmas spirit, Wanted! Robin Hood is the show for you!

Wanted! Robin Hood runs until 11 Jan 2014 at The Lowry. You can book tickets online here or from The Lowry Box Office on 0843 208 6010.