BFI Film Academy 4: Shannon’s Blog

Shannon is one of the participants on our fourth BFI Film Academy. Here she shares her experiences so far…

The BFI Film Academy has taught us how to use various equipment such as Canon cameras, sound mixers, boom microphones and software such as PluralEyes and Adobe Premiere. We got to learn with a hands on, practical approach which allowed us to understand first hand what the demands of filmmaking include. The several roles on set were divided between eight of us and we alternated between roles so we could experience all the responsibilities. We have learned how to storyboard, script and operate camera equipment and microphones amongst other things, under time constraints so we understand the demanding workload involved in making a film.

Additionally, we have weekly sessions where we learn about the history of film which has allowed us to watch how film has developed both over time and across the globe.

Many of us in the group plan on staying in contact and creating short films together afterwards so we can all continue getting experience in film, so we are already establishing networks with other filmmakers. For example, I’m primarily an editor and so if anyone in the group is working on a film and needs an editor, they can ask me to help. I’m currently writing a horror/mystery web series so when I’ve completed writing the first season and begin production I will ask the other people from my group to help with aspects such as sound, camera operating and directing.

The film academy has taught me about the many aspects of filmmaking that I wasn’t previously aware of but now I definitely want to continue gaining experience in roles such as Director of Photography or Production Sound Mixer.

Being able to learn about filmmaking both theoretically and practically has been an incredible experience, especially as I never had the opportunity to study film.