Angel Meadow: Trailer

Immerse yourself in Angel Meadow, an adrenaline-fuelled encounter through an area of Manchester that no longer exists. Hear, touch and taste the world of Irish immigrants as you move through a building layered with the lives of people who passed through its doors: lodgers in a night asylum, working men in a pub, dead bodies laid out for an inquest and scuttling gangs fighting for their territory.

ANU Productions, a multi-award winning company heralded by the Irish Times as making the “most searing works of the past decade” invite you to surrender to your own Ancoats experience. Inspired by the 19th century experience of Irish migrants escaping poverty for a better life in industrial Manchester, Angel Meadow is raw, immersive and explosive.

Angel Meadow runs from Tuesday 10 June 2014 – Sunday 29 June 2014.