A statement on Voices of Resilience

The initial cancellation of the Voices of Resilience event was a difficult decision for HOME. We recognise how deeply this decision has affected communities and groups across Manchester and beyond, and we apologise for any distress or upset caused. We support Palestinian and all community voices, and acknowledge that we can learn from how this was handled. We regret that this has had such wide-reaching impacts.

Since our initial statement, we have continued to collaborate and consult with stakeholders and the artists involved, and to review and develop plans. We have reached out to partners in the city for assistance and have been able to access additional resources that will support us delivering the event. As a result, we are now in a position to confirm that the Voices of Resilience event will take place at HOME, created and curated by CommaPress.

HOME has always been a space for all voices, with a commitment to championing equality and diversity at the heart of our work. This commitment has never changed, and we recognise that there is work to be done now, to restore the well-earned confidence that our audiences and artists have always held in HOME. We are committed to continuing these conversations with all affected by recent events.

We stand with all innocent victims of this conflict, and call for a humanitarian solution.

Details of the upcoming Voices of Resilience event will be announced shortly.