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April is here and that means the return of ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Festival, back at HOME for its 23rd year with a host of exciting theatre shows, UK cinema premieres and a brand new art exhibition.

Viva theatre highlights include Sol Pico’s One Hit Wonders, rock theatrics with Republica, the Hitchcock inspired Birdie and two scratch performances including Smoke and Archimedes’ Principal. However if it’s film you’re after, be sure to check out the UK premieres of political thriller Pasaje De Vida and drama María and also the hard hitting La Puerta Abierta – each come complete with a post-screening Director Q&A. Viva takes over weekends in April too with our Viva Fiestas and even invades our gallery space with La Movida which arrives on Friday April 14.

Viva aside, other April highlights include a Q&A with A Quiet Passion director Terrence Davies, the Director’s cut of Park Chan-Wook’s The Handmaiden and Raoul Peck’s powerful new documentary I Am Not Your Negro accompanied by a post-screening discussion.

Meanwhile, Miloš Forman’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest returns as part of our classics season, kids-film staple The Goonies appears as part of our Bring The Family programme and House of Ghetto: Black Pride takes over our HOME Projects gallery space. What are you waiting for?

Theatre: What’s on in April

Cinema: What’s on in April


Moonlight (15)

Last session: Thu 20 Apr 2017 at 13.10
It’s a bold claim but it’s hard to envision a more potent film in 2017 than Moonlight, the...

Elle (18)

Last session: Thu 6 Apr 2017 at 14.05
Based on Philippe Djian's acclaimed novel Oh..., Verhoeven's first French-language film covers themes of brutality, malice, and humiliation.

Free Fire (15)

Last session: Thu 27 Apr 2017 at 13.45
An international cast including Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, and Cillian Murphy star in a U.S. set, thrills-a-plenty action...

Alba (12A)

Last session: Thu 6 Apr 2017 at 13.45
Alba has to come to terms with a terminally ill beloved mother, a strange and estranged father, and...

Graduation (15)

Last session: Thu 13 Apr 2017 at 17.40
Internationally acclaimed director Cristian Mungiu returns with a powerful and universal study about the imprecision of parenthood, the...

The Salesman (12A)

Last session: Thu 6 Apr 2017 at 17.20
A sudden eruption of violence creates an atmosphere of simmering tension between a husband and wife, in this...

Aquarius (18)

Last session: Mon 3 Apr 2017 at 17.05
Tackling economic diversity head on, the latest film from Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho is anchored by a...

7 días de enero (15)

Last session: Wed 5 Apr 2017 at 19.30
A reconstruction of the tragic 1977 Massacre of Atocha, when extremists stormed the offices of lawyers with links to...

La Novia (15)

Last session: Thu 6 Apr 2017 at 20.30
Based on the Federico García Lorca play Bodas de sangre, La Novia tells the story of a young woman caught between...

A Quiet Passion (12A)

Last session: Sun 23 Apr 2017 at 12.50
The career renaissance of Terence Davies reaches an apex with this stunning, beautifully observed, erudite and witty literary...

I Am Not Your Negro (12A)

Last session: Sun 30 Apr 2017 at 18.15
With unprecedented access to James Baldwin’s original work, award-winning filmmaker Raoul Peck (Tropical) has completed the cinematic version...

Raw (18)

Last session: Thu 20 Apr 2017 at 15.25
A gruesome yet intimate tale of a teenage girl’s carnal and carnivorous awakening. Recently enrolled at veterinary college,...

Pikadero (12A)

Last session: Sat 8 Apr 2017 at 17.50
Unable to fly the nest due to the economic crisis that grips Spain, a young couple have trouble...

Camino a La Paz (12A)

Last session: Wed 12 Apr 2017 at 20.30
A delightful odd-couple road movie about two very different men driving more than 1800 miles from Buenos Aires to the...

El Diputado (18)

Last session: Sun 9 Apr 2017 at 20.25
The clandestine homosexuality of a left-wing politician is used against him in a blackmail plot when he falls in...

UK Premiere/ Presos (12A)

Last session: Mon 17 Apr 2017 at 16.00
A teenage girl from a religious and respectable family gets involved with a prison inmate, leading to serious consequences...

Mulholland Drive (15)

Last session: Thu 27 Apr 2017 at 12.50
Consistently hailed as the best film of the 21st century, David Lynch's quintessential neo-noir is now available in...

The Handmaiden (18)

Last session: Thu 1 Jun 2017 at 15.25
1930s Korea in the period of Japanese occupation. A new girl (Sookee) is hired as a handmaiden to...

Rara (12A)

Last session: Fri 14 Apr 2017 at 15.40
As Sara approaches 13 she is suffering from typical teenage angst – her first crush, the vagaries of...

Arrebato (18)

Last session: Fri 14 Apr 2017 at 20.20
José receives a mysterious package from an old acquaintance: a cassette tape, a reel of super-8 film and...

El Pico (18)

Last session: Sat 15 Apr 2017 at 20.20
Eloy de la Iglesia’s biggest box office hit, a tragic tale of love, friendship, and heroin addiction.

Their Finest (12A)

Last session: Wed 24 May 2017 at 13.10
Director Lone Scherfig (An Education) returns with an adaptation of the novel Their Finest Hour and a Half...

Neruda (15)

Last session: Thu 27 Apr 2017 at 18.05
Following the Chilean president’s outlawing of communism in 1948, poet Pablo Neruda (Luis Gnecco) and his artist wife...

Lady Macbeth (15)

Last session: Mon 5 Jun 2017 at 14.00
Acclaimed theatre director William Oldroyd relocates Nikolai Leskov’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk to 19th-century North Eastern England, in...

Mindhorn (15)

Last session: Thu 8 Jun 2017 at 13.45
When MI5 Special Operative Bruce Mindhorn was captured in the late 1980s, his eye was replaced with a...

Clash (15)

Last session: Thu 4 May 2017 at 15.35
A masterful depiction of a society torn apart by its differences.

Suntan (18)

Last session: Thu 4 May 2017 at 17.55
Set on a hedonistic Greek Island, a middle-aged doctor becomes obsessed with a young tourist.

The Goonies (12A)

Last session: Sun 30 Apr 2017 at 11.00
In order to save their home from being repossessed, a group of friends set out to find a...

Bamboozled (15)

Last session: Sat 29 Apr 2017 at 15.20
Spike Lee’s cutting satire focuses on the creation of a modern day minstrel show, conceived by disillusioned TV...

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