Caption subtitled

Captioning is a service for hearing-impaired or deaf people.

At HOME, we programme caption subtitled theatre performances for selected productions. This service usually involves the dialogue and other sound description being displayed on an LED screen on either side of the stage. We have reserved seating for caption subtitled performances in order to provide the best sight lines. If you require the use of this service, please email access@homemcr.org in order to reserve your seats.

We also provide caption subtitled screenings of films when possible. These screenings have a transcription of the film’s dialogue in English along the bottom of the screen and a description of the sound in the film is also included in these captions.

Please note, caption subtitles have to be actively produced by the film distributors who have to decide to pay someone to create the captions. Some distributors have a policy of providing AD (and subtitles) for all their films. Other distributors may never provide this service.

Our programme contains many films subtitled into English from other languages. These may also be suitable for deaf or hearing-impaired customers but won’t always include additional descriptions of sounds. The below events only include captioned events. You can find a wide selection of subtitled films listed in our cinema website section.

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Dunkirk (12A)

Next Caption subtitled showing today at 16.00
Featuring an all-star cast, the latest work from Christopher Nolan is about the evacuation of Dunkirk.

The Big Sick (15)

Next Caption subtitled showing Sun 30 Jul 2017 at 20.20
A joyful, emotive and ruefully hilarious story, The Big Sick is eloquent on racial anxieties but also on...

HOME presents:
Uncle Vanya

Next Caption subtitled showing Tue 14 Nov 2017 at 19.30
Taking Russia's past as inspiration in this historic year, Walter Meierjohann's production explores the deeply tragic and deeply...