Angel Meadow

An ANU Production
Tue 10 Jun 2014 - Sun 29 Jun 2014, Ancoats

This production has SOLD OUT. The waiting list is also now closed.

Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-fuelled encounter, exhuming an area of Manchester that no longer exists. Angel Meadow, once a steaming, sordid hell on earth at the centre of the industrial world; populated by red eyed scuttling gangs, girl rippers and the displaced Irish. Here lost strangers sought solace, sex and the divine.

ANU Productions, a multi-award winning company heralded by the Irish Times as making the “most searing works of the past decade” invite you to surrender to your own Ancoats experience. Inspired by the 19th century experience of Irish migrants escaping poverty for a better life in industrial Manchester, Angel Meadow is a raw, immersive and explosive experience.

Angel Meadow moves you through a building layered with the various lives of people who passed through its doors; lodgers in a night asylum, working men in a pub, dead bodies laid out for an inquest and scuttling gangs fighting for their territory. Passing through intimate encounters and installations, your journey will be unique, shaped by the decisions you make and the characters you meet. You won’t just see the world of Irish immigrants, you’ll hear it, touch it and taste it, encountering landlords, butchers, devils and angels along the way.

Angel Meadow is a unique experience, moving in an instant from present-day Ancoats to its violent, sordid past, and back again, and even inhabiting them both at once.


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This production has SOLD OUT. The waiting list is also now closed.

BSL Interpreted shows  – 19 June 18:00, 19:00, 20:30, 21:30, 21 June 12:00, 13:00, 14:00
Audio Described shows –  19 June 17:30, 18:30, 20:00, 21:00, 21 June 12:30, 13:30
Touch Tours – 19 June 15:45, 21 June 10:45

ANU Productions and HOME are working with specialist Louisa Sanfey to ensure that the Angel Meadows experience is as accessible as possible to all audience members. In a unique approach, Louisa has been involved in all rehearsals for Angel Meadow ensuring that access requirements are not simply added on but are integrated to the production.

In addition to Audio Described and BSL performances, Touch Tours of the set are also available to give audience members attending Audio Described performances a chance to get a deeper experience of the location, sets and props.

Further accessible performances may be added subject to demand.

Show Info

This production has SOLD OUT. The waiting list is also now closed.

  • Recommended age 16+
  • Running Time is one hour (no interval)
  • Due to the immersive nature of the production each performance has a limited capacity of 8 people
  • This is a promenade performance so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • This production contains scenes of a graphic nature

Ticket Details

£15-£22 | Preview (10 Jun) £10
Concessions available on Tue, Wed and Thu performances only.
Students (16+) £10

Eligible for Season Ticket Saver

Book a ticket for Angel Meadow, Romeo & Juliet and The Events and get 10% off each ticket. The Season Ticket Saver is valid for top price and concessionary price tickets (but not on school, group and student ticket rates) and you need to book tickets for all three shows at the same time. Season Ticket Savers will also receive priority booking information for Best of BE Festival and re:play 2015.

£10 tickets are available for students for all performances subject to availability. Tickets can be booked in person at Cornerhouse Box Office or via 0161 200 1500 only. Discounts may be restricted for busy performances. Proof of ID required.



Meet on Cutting Room Square on Blossom Street in Ancoats, Manchester. The postcode M4 6AN will take you near to the meeting point but please also refer to the details below.

The square is easy to recognise – it is surrounded by five concrete pillars inset with artworks by Ancoats artist-in-residence, Dan Dubowitz. In the centre of the square is a sunken area for performance. The coffee shop, Koffee Lock, faces onto the square. When you arrive please take a seat on one of the large wooden blocks in the square. Cutting Room Square does not have a postcode but if you travel up Blossom Street, away from Great Ancoats Street, it will appear on your left – you can’t miss it!

Cutting Room Square

Cutting Room Square, Ancoats. Image courtesy of Pete Birkinshaw on Flickr.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the performance start time. Latecomers will not be admitted.

Car Parking: On street parking in the streets subject to normal on street parking regulations.

Metrolink: Market Street tram stop is the nearest tram stop, meeting point is a 20 minute walk. Follow this handy route map.

Buses: Lots of buses going up Great Ancoats Street. Alight at Ancoats, opposite Great Ancoats Street/Jersey Street if travelling towards the city centre or at Ancoats, after Great Ancoats Street/Jersey Street if travelling away from the city centre. The meeting point is a few minutes’ walk from those stops.

Rail: Piccadilly Station and Victoria Station are a 20 minute walk from the meeting point.


  • Úna Kavanagh
  • Caitriona Ennis
  • Dee Burke
  • Jed Murray
  • Laura Murray
  • Eric O’Brien
  • Thomas Reilly
  • Lloyd Cooney
  • Niamh McCann
  • Will Irvine

Creative Team

  • Director: Louise Lowe
  • Visual Artist / Installation / Production Design: Owen Boss
  • Assistant Director: Will Irvine
  • Producer: Lynnette Moran
  • Assistant Producer: Matthew Smyth
  • Producer for HOME: David Fry
  • Assistant Production Designer: Caoimhe Regan
  • Production Co-Ordinator: Bairbre Ni hAodha
  • Costume Design: Niamh Lunny
  • Sound Design: Carl Kennedy
  • Choreography: Emma O’Kane
  • Lighting Designer: Ciaran Bagnall
  • Access/AD Intern: Louisa Sanfey
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    Angel Meadow director Louise Lowe is nominated as Best Director in the UK Theatre Awards.

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    The Angel Meadow journey begins Fri 25 Apr 2014

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“HOME makes a bold, welcome statement about its ambitions with this site-specific production… Full of brawling energy… It’s hugely atmospheric and a logistical marvel.”
The Guardian

“It’s quite a statement of intent – challenging, surreal, deeply disturbing, and ferociously intense… Simply allow each moment to leave its indelible stain on the memory”
The Times

“A theatrical roller coaster ride which crackles with a real sense of violence, menace and unsavoury sex.”
The Independent

“Every time we acquiesce, polite audience members that we are, and every time we’re made to squirm, either complicit or impotent, usually lost for words… That discomfort makes this too fierce to dismiss as voyeurism or poverty safari… It’s a superb piece of programming from HOME.”
Daily Telegraph

“An intense and intimate event… An experience that is hard to forget and a show that should not be missed. If HOME can fullfil the promise of its initial production it is going to be a hell of a company.”
What’s On Stage

“There’s no doubting the intensity of the performances… If you enjoy being challenged, this performance will certainly take you out of your comfort zone.”
Manchester Evening News

“As shared theatrical experiences go, Angel Meadow offers a genuinely unique view of Manchester’s dark underbelly, and while that journey is often discomforting and unsettling, the one thing it isn’t is boring.”
The Stage

“No one could be failed to be impressed by the committed performances and slick presentation from everyone in a true ensemble piece. An experience I would recommend… The more adventurous you are about getting involved, the more you will get out of it.”
British Theatre Guide

A bespoke experience every time… The production is a masterpiece of organisation and co-ordination… The piece has enormous energy and attack, inventive and adventurous.”
The Public Reviews

“Powerful stuff… Truly innovative, something truly scary. If this production is any indication of how Manchester’s HOME is going to progress, it’s a frickin’ good omen. ****”
Northern Soul

“I’m honestly not sure what you would call it, but it’s brilliant… like jumping out of a frying pan and into a volcano… It soaks into you, thanks to an amazing concept and an exemplary cast, like nothing else in a theatre ever can.”
Oldham Chronicle

“Director Louise Lowe and her exemplary cast offer one of the most astonishing theatre experiences you might not want to witness… A simply amazing, unnerving experience.”
Manchester Theatre Awards

“[HOME] promises to bring ‘international, provocative and visual theatre to the city’ and with this production they have certainly ticked those three boxes… If the point of this combination of theatre and visual art is to challenge the senses, then Angel Meadow succeeds in spades… A truly incredible experience. Not to be missed. *****”
Morning Star

“The powerful, logistically brilliant, shuttling of an audience between scenes makes for a suggestive hour of immersive theatre… Some of its scenes will nag away at the memories of audience members for quite a while.”
The Manchester Review

“The excellent cast… Angel Meadow will get under your skin and into your head… The beauty of the piece lies in its rawness, in its refusal to accommodate a voyeuristic audience. Our advice to you: go with it.”
The Skinny

Angel Meadow takes you on a journey that is both frightening and beautiful in its intensity… Its power lies in the way it makes you feel you’ve suddenly arrived in the middle of a fly-on-the-wall documentary… If David Lynch and James Joyce had ever collaborated, this is the kind of work they might have produced.”
Weekend Notes

Angel Meadow has left a lasting impression with me… HOME have made a bold move in bringing ANU Productions to stage their first English performance, and in doing so have ensured that their programme begins with a bang. *****”
The Good Review

“My audience huddles on the pavement post-show, traumatised, not ready to go home – evidence of the emotional wallop of the piece… It’s a hell of a show.”
Total Theatre

“I’ve been to a few immersive events over the years and the theatre even more so but Angel Meadow surpassed all my expectations… Quite frankly a fantastic immersive theatre experience.”
Manchester’s Finest

“Works so well because all the component pieces are tuned to perfection… An extraordinary, unflinching piece of art… Compelling and visceral. Provocative and daring, bringing with it a surge of excitement about theatre in Manchester.”
Cultural Shenanigans

“What a dazzling piece it is… Brilliantly performed… Requires such concentration from the company and also the audience… Edgy unsettling, and at times downright dangerous… Go see while you have the chance.”

“What is fascinating about the production is the energy and acting skills of the performers… Don’t wear any decent clothes, leave your stilettos at home and bring your aggressive attitude as you become part of the show…”
Lipstick Socialist

Am I glad I went? Absolutely yes. HOME have set the bar good and high with this debut staging for Manchester and I may never forgive them. See you at Romeo and Juliet in September.

“Boy did they deliver with this gritty, brutal, emotional but energising production… My only complaints were that I wanted to go straight back in and experience its uniqueness again. Massive congratulations to everyone involved in this, I am so grateful I got to be part of it. An amazing experience from start to finish.”
Alison’s Adventures in Theatreland

  • Louise Lowe, director of Angel Meadow.
    Meet The Director/ Angel Meadow Mon 23 Jun 2014

    Join Director Louise Lowe to hear about the processes involved in putting on our first site-specific production, from initial ideas to stage.

    Read More
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