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Would you care to…

…Take a half-hour glimpse into the lives of sisters Gemma and Katherine as they discuss care, their shifting relationship, and their love of a cuddle.

Expect dancing and sewing, laughter and tears, and a song about the many frustrations, big and small, that Gemma experiences living as a Disabled person in an ableist world.

When artist Katherine asked Gemma if she’d like to make something together, she said yes. And after a five-year exploration into their unique relationship, during which Katherine moved back home, Gemma became an auntie, and the world experienced a global pandemic, they made this interactive film and accompanying booklet.

Would you care to… is a chance to slow down, think about those you care for and to make a bookmark for them. Enjoy a sing-a-long with Gemma and Katherine, and have a giggle and a good cry while you’re doing it. We hope you’ll feel like you’ve had a warm hug, maybe the first one in a long time.

How can I watch this film?

Whilst this film is no longer available to book online, there is a non-digital version of the work available. A postal pack containing a DVD, large print booklet and sewing materials to make a bookmark. If you or any of your community are interested in this version please email: Davinia.Jokhi@homemcr.org


This work was commissioned by HOME as part of PUSH Festival 2021 and has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by Yorkshire Dance, South East Dance and The Lowry.

Photo credit Soraya Evans