The Tongue Twister

Red Lolly

There once was a land where rhyming was banned,
If spoken or even a whisper.
And if you were caught you’d soon understand,
Why the bogeyman’s called the Tongue Twister.
But in walks a boy who rhymes all the time,
Forever speaking in verse.
To rhyme is sublime and should not be a crime,
His tongue is surely a curse!

When Plug arrives in a new town he quickly learns that rhyming is forbidden in this strange new land – an offence punished by the feared and mythical Tongue Twister who will silence you forever. But when Plug is handed a magical red lolly by the mysterious sweet shop owner he begins to rhyme…all the time! Suitable for families, The Tongue Twister is an ode to poetry, love and imagination.

The Tongue Twister premiered at 24:7 Theatre Festival and won Equity’s Vicky Allen Memorial Award 2014. Writer Luke Walker’s previous credits include MEN award-nominated Mind the Gap (2008) and Make Believe (2010). Director Alyx Tole returns to Re:play following the success of last year’s Billy, The Monster and Me.

“The three youngest cast members I was applauding,
For fantastic performances so early in the morning.
Congrats to the crew, and everyone in it,
As sets, sound and costumes were also exquisite.

As someone who’s seen many plays in a row,
It’s refreshing to see a family show.
On North West Fringe stages, we don’t see enough,
But with venue age restrictions I guess maybe it’s tough.”
The Good Review

“Very accomplished… I have resisted the temptation to rhyme in this review, but it wasn’t easy, and that is the charm of this play. It makes you want to play, be silly and take a walk on the childish side of life.”
Now Then Manchester


  • Recommended age 8+

Adults £7
Under 16s £5