The Snow queen

A Library Theatre production

The Vlibrary Theatre Company continues its reputation for producing high quality imaginative work for young people and families at christmas with: The SNOW QUEEN, a timeless tale of a sister’s love, warm enough to melt the coldest heart.
His heart will become as cold as ice and winter will last forever’
So decrees the wicked Snow Queen when the wild wind first blows a splinter into Kay’s eye and then into his heart. She snatches him away from Gerda, his sister and carries him off to the Crystal Palace at the top of the world with Gerda following in hot pursuit into the wild forest.
The only person who can help her now is Bhima, the magician. his advice to Gerda is ‘You must travel north, forever north. You must pass through the winter forest before you come to the ice. that is Lapland where the snow queen burns blue light every evening. Its sparks are the northern lights. You must cross the ice until you reach Spitzbergen. From here it is but a short journey to the Snow Queen’s palace at the top of the world.’
And so begins Gerda’s long journey and encounters of the magical kind in her search for the Crystal Palace and her lost brother.
 This show is suitiable for children age 5 and upwards, their friends, families and teachers.