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The Seagull

Anya Reiss, one of the most exciting new voices in British theatre, brings The Seagull right up to date while keeping the timeless quality of the great original. This production will be Chris Honer’s last as Artistic Director.

A famous actress’s visit to her brother’s remote estate exposes the frustrated yearnings and ambition of her family and friends. As her son puts much more than his self-respect at stake by trying to impress her with a play he’s written himself, others dream of love, the bright lights, and being able to escape their past.

This critically acclaimed adaptation of Chekhov’s masterpiece maintains all its power to enthrall; The Seagull is a captivating study of the corrosion of youthful idealism, wasted ambitions, and unrequited love.

“Honer has always been possessed of the rare ability to allow a drama to speak for itself… This radical Seagull makes a fitting swan song” The Guardian

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There is some strong language and smoking on stage in The Seagull.

Because of the nature of the staging for this production, which thrusts the stage out into the auditorium further than usual, seats at the side on all three levels will have excellent views of the action.