The Garden Of Habustan

Besht Tellers in association with Library Theatre Company

It is the night before Yoni, a youg Israeli, is to be consripted into te army. Trying to bury his doubts in the shadows of his overgrown garden, he senses someone watching from under a fig tree. This is Abu Deeb, an old Palestinian man. He has returned to claim his land.
As they face each other in conflict, the garden explodes onto life with the memories of those who have lived there. Yoni’s eccentric grandpa, his strudel-loving grandma, and the wild free-wheeling Sarah emerge from the ground – all staking their claim on the land Abu Deeb’s ancestors planted but never saw grow. Their love for this land draws them closer, but their desire to posses it may yet rip them apart.
Generations of tragic, quirky and uplifting stories are choreographed to the evocative rhythms of European klezmer and Middle Eastern music to matk the 50th anniversary of the state of Irael, and al-Nakba, the palestinian catastrophe.