Babel Theatre presents

The Fall

We are all in debt! Socially, financially, romantically. Tied to each other with promises we’ve made or expectations placed on us. But what are the terms of these often-unspoken agreements? And crucially, what are the costs?

Award-winning physical theatre company Babel Theatre present the beginnings of their next show, an original piece of contemporary theatre about how we dream and how we love.

The Fall delves into the complex nature of everyday pressures, the pursuit of happiness and professional and social success. How far do we push to reach our goals and how much are we unwittingly pulled into the dreams of others?

Looking at the social contracts we make with each other, how they manifest in our everyday lives and what impacts this has on our mental health, The Fall dives into these questions blurring image, text and song together in a fast-paced, dreamlike world.

The Fall is a work in progress.

★★★★★ “Enthralling… It is refreshing to see a company that treats its audience as intelligent enough to decipher what is unfolding… It is self-contained and fulfilling yet leaves me wanting more: I look forward to seeing the completed work where naturally more will unravel.” – North West End

“The staging is simple, but the quick switches of props and lighting states, alongside the changes in the performers’ movement quality within and between scenes make for a slick, cohesive show… One that looks like it could really go somewhere good with further development.” – Emma Hopley Reviews

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  • Recommended age 12+
  • Running time 30 mins
  • This show uses haze
  • £7 full / £6 conc