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Breach presents

The Drill

★★★★ “[Breach] get your mind whirring at full speed with tangents about racist assumptions, profitable paranoia and a sculpted, air-brushed and gentrified society. Bit by bit, The Drill bores into your brain.” – What’s On Stage

★★★★ “Elegantly and powerfully poses these questions in a way that is truly unique and provocative.” – The Peg

“An inspired and conceptually fresh new show.” – Theatre Bubble

“A slippery explanation of terrorism… Continues Breach’s trend for tricky, layered, meticulous theatre.” – Time Out

“Acting is an emergency, and in an emergency you do whatever works. What you do in a fire drill may bear no resemblance to what you do in an actual fire, but your chances of survival are greatly improved by a past enactment of the drills.” – Deb Margolin

‘It’s a dress rehearsal for the real thing.
And you have a duty to make it real.’

Award-winning multimedia theatre-makers Breach have previously explored re-enacting the past – from a 1985 clash between riot police and New Age travellers in The Beanfield, to a 1960s experiment into teaching dolphins English in Tank. In this ambitious new show, the company investigates rehearsing for the future – through safety drills and emergency response training.

From workshops in our workplaces to the large-scale scenarios using actors, fake wounds and explosives we see on the news, what kinds of futures are we being encouraged to picture and prepare for – and how might these ‘rehearsals’ bleed into our off-stage lives?

Mashing up documentary film and devised theatre in the company’s signature deconstructed style, The Drill examines how anxieties around security and terrorism have become ingrained in the daily life of today’s cities, and asks whether we might be able to imagine and practice something radically different.

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The Drill is co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, The Bike Shed Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, New Diorama Theatre and HOME, and supported by Arts Council England.