Street Trilogy

Theatre Absolute

Brutality. Fear. Self-loathing. A need to belong. Chris O’ Connell’s trilogy of plays portrays the vulnerable and the violent lashing out against the world. From the adrenaline fuelled anarchy of car theft and the ritualised violence of teenage gangs, to the beginning offered by a baby in the womb, life on the dirty side of the tracks is shown without compromise or sentimentality.
CAR – The story of four car thieves, each on his own crash course, grinds together pulsating excitement and mind-numbing desperation. RAW – Lex and her crew are addicted to violence; an existence of graffiti-mugging and street crime. But when a boy on a train is attacked and doesn’t get up, their lives begin to freefall. KID – Zoe and Lee are on the run, K’s lost in Latino spirit and Bradley wants to be a boy. It’s the hottest day of the year and there’s a secret desperate to be told.