Staged Reading: The Blue Blue Sea

Darko drinks – just like everyone else in the council block. And then Motte arrives. 19 years old, a fallen star. Suddenly there is hope, and together Darko and Motte can start to dream. But can you dream in a place where even the tiniest bit of happiness seems a luxury? Nis-Moome Stockmann’s play is about the sea, the stars, a council estate and death. A play about dreams, poetic and disturbing and at the same time beautiful and funny.

Nis-Moome Stockmann is one of Germany’s leading playwrights. He was chosen as the best young dramatist of 2010 by Theater Heute and has been awarded the Friedrich-Schiller Memorial Prize and the Friedrich-Hebbel Prize. His first novel DER FUCHS was nominated for the Leipziger Buchpreis.

Cast: Katie West, David Judge, Reuben Johnson.

  • Running Time: 1hr 15mins

Tickets £3