The Backpack Ensemble presents

The Search for a Black-Browed Albatross

Coat? Check. Tent? Check. A father’s lifelong ambition to complete? Check.

Charlie is about to embark on the journey that her late father never did. She is off to find the one bird that had eluded him, to rekindle their lost relationship.

A beautiful, joyous, handmade adventure with puppetry, music, and a girl that just really wants to see a bird.

★★★★★ “A sensitive, funny, raw, tale about grief and loss, relationships and communication… A fantastical journey of charm and magic.” – North West End

★★★★ “The Backpack Ensemble make playful, inventive and charmingly low-tech theatre to tell beautiful stories… They’ve certainly nailed it here.” – The Reviews Hub

“Enchanting performances, shadow puppetry and song.” – The Sunday Times

“Turns the mundane into the magical.” – Noises Off

“Delightful.” – Mark Shenton

Want to know more about The Backpack Ensemble?

The Backpack Ensemble aims to make theatre that is generous, joyful and handmade. They believe that creativity is not limited by resources and that creating work that is sustainable does not mean that it is restricted. They believe there is a magic in conjuring performances from our backpacks.

They care about storytelling and make the kind of theatre that we want to watch. They seek to explore and express the thoughts and feelings that we encounter and otherwise struggle to articulate.


  • Running time 55 mins (no interval)
  • Contains flashing lights
  • £5 all tickets