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Scottee commissioned by HOME presents


Scottee grew up around mould, mice and clothes off the market.

After a chance meeting with some posh kids, his Mum teaching him to talk properly on the phone and successfully persuading his parents to take him off free school meals, Scottee knew he didn’t want to be common.

Class is a show about what it is to be embarrassed of who you are, pretending to be posher than you are and why we all get a thrill playing god with green tokens at Waitrose.

This is a show for the middle classes of England.

Previous reviews include:

★★★★ “An act of theatrical consciousness-raising” – The Guardian on Fat Blokes

★★★★ “Brave, heartfelt and full of integrity.” –  The Scotsman on The Worst of Scottee

“Deeply moving and strikingly intelligent theatre-making – and one that might well be Scottee’s most impressive feat.” – Exeunt on Putting Words in Your Mouth

★★★★ “Scottee’s work often comes in camouflage. Its flippancy conceals its fight. It’s how he reaches people.” – The Guardian on Bravado

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