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Scottee: Class 2019

★★★★★ “Skewers the British class system in this heart-rending exploration of childhood poverty… A show with a steel-hard serious core… A brilliant, angry, damaged, brutal, savagely funny reflection on what it means growing up working-class in the UK.” – Attitude

★★★★★ “Deeply personal and profoundly moving… I was blown away by the vulnerability and honesty of the piece… In a predominantly elitist art form, it is great to see a working-class voice, telling working-class stories, on a theatre’s main stage.” – The Play’s The Thing

★★★★ “Painting a vivid, personal portrait of often bleak and cruel, poverty-stricken lives, Scottee, wisely, doesn’t offer answers; he leaves us with the question: what can we do about it? What can be done that doesn’t just settle for ‘performed kindness’, ‘performed socialism’?” – Quays Life

★★★★ “It is no wonder Scottee is angry… His own experiences have driven him to speak in this way and he does not soften the blow… This production is hugely important in communicating what is a problem on a vast scale.” – North West End

“A hard-hitting performance of raw storytelling that interrogates the disparity between Britain’s haves and have nots… An unrelenting, uncomfortable and unmissable commentary on how society treats its forgotten members.” – Mancunian Matters

“An angry show and deliberately provocative… The hushed closing sequence has an undeniable power that leaves a lasting discomfort.” – British Theatre Guide

“The impact of Class wouldn’t be so hard-hitting were it not for Scottee’s masterful control of the audience and the atmosphere… Although Class may be an uncomfortable watching experience for some, that is exactly the point.” – Mancunion

Class may not be an easy watch, but it is an important one… A deliberately uncomfortable watch.” – The Guardian

“There’s loads that’s great about this show… Scottee is a startling, galvanising performer, propelled along by righteous rage… Scabrously funny… Class will leave you prodded and provoked.” – The Arts Desk

“In Class, the precariousness of working-class lives are held up for a predominantly middle-class audience to scrutinise… Angry and raw.” – Stage Door

★★★★ “It’s furious and chilling… Questions about collective responsibility, and who theatre is really for, are not always addressed in performance. Scottee goes there, because few other people do.” – The List

★★★★ “Scottee creates theatres of discomfort… If you’re middle class, you might prefer to avoid a situation in which you’ll be caricatured, patronised or judged; not everyone, of course, has that luxury.” – The Scotsman

★★★★ “Class could not be more pertinent… As a performer, Scottee is blistering, raw and emotional… His anger begins measured, and rightly grows throughout the piece… This is not a show you leave feeling entertained, and that is the point.” – Broadway World

“The artist is confident and occasionally abrasive… [A] brutal confrontation of the ongoing iniquity of the class divide.” – The Stage (behind paywall)

Scottee grew up around mould, mice and clothes off the market.

After a chance meeting with some posh kids, his Mum teaching him to talk properly on the phone and successfully persuading his parents to take him off free school meals, Scottee knew he didn’t want to be common.

In his final solo show, Scottee uncovers what it is to be embarrassed about where you’re from, how you can pretend to be posher than you are and explores why we all get a thrill playing god with green tokens from Waitrose.

This is a show for the middle classes.

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  • Running time: 60 mins
  • Recommended age 14+
  • This show features issues around domestic violence, food addiction and the effects of growing up in poverty which some audience members may find distressing
  • Contains sexual references and swearing
  • £14 – £16 full / £5 – £12 concs