Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Library Theatre Company presents

Set over a period of 22 years, opening in a sunny garden in Cambridge in 1968, and ending with a Rolling Stones concert in a newly free Prague in 1990, Tom Stoppard’s magnificent drama takes in all manner of themes including politics, poetry, and materialism.
First produced at the Royal Court Theatre in 2006, Stoppard contrasts two seemingly very different worlds, that of a group of Czech freedom fighters trying to free themselves from the yoke of Soviet control, and a Marxist academic at Cambridge University trying to find a place in a changing world which they know they can no longer influence.
But more than anything, Stoppard’s uplifting drama traces the history of the world over those 22 years played to an exuberant rock and roll backdrop.
“Astonishing… Leaves you cheered by its wit, buoyancy and belief in the human spirit” – The Guardian
“There is an energy, rawness and passion one doesn’t associate with the elegant and witty Stoppard… It’s about much more than rock ‘n’ roll, and I love it” – Daily Telegraph