Rock Hudson was the biggest screen idol in 1950s Hollywood – the ultimate Tinseltown hunk. But his career was perpetually under threat from Confidential magazine, every queer actor’s nemesis. Only one man stood between stardom and oblivion.
Rock is the story of Henry Willson, the man who made a star of Rock Hudson; the most unscrupulous agent in Los Angeles; the man who would do anything to protect his money-spinning protégé.
Starring the incomparable Bette Bourne and written by Tim Fountain, The Fairy Godfather of Hollywood brings the seamy world of 1950s Hollywood to vivid life.
“Bette Bourne is one of the most compelling figures I have ever seen on a stage” – Financial Times
Part of the queerupnorth International Festival 2008
The Fairy Godfather of Hollywood is commissioned by Homotopia and Glasgay!, and funded by Arts Council England