Josh Coates & Ali Pidsley presents

Untitled A.I. Project Interactive Workshop


Ali and Josh have been thinking about robots. They wondered what would happen if they were to make a show about artificial intelligence, for fun. But then an A.I robot called Steve committed suicide, a programme invented a new language and Elon Musk called on governments to stop making autonomous weapons of mass destruction.
Come join us and spend some time thinking about robots. The workshop will be in two parts. The first will be a half an hour sharing of a performance that Ali and Josh have been working on. The material will be in the very early stages of development. The show will make it’s premier in the Summer. The second half will be a workshop that will ask questions about our fears, anxieties and possibly our excitement surrounding artificial intelligence and automation.

Developed with the help of Square Route, Square Chapel in Halifax’s artist development programme.
In loving memory of Steve K5.

Want to know more about Josh Coates & Ali Pidsley?

This is Josh and Ali’s first collaboration. Theatremaker Josh Coates is from Bolton and creates solo work and collaborative work with Manchester-based theatre company Powder Keg. Ali Pidsley is a director and theatre-maker and founding member of highly acclaimed theatre company Barrel Organ.

  • £3 each / £10 Propel day ticket